Zywiec Lager – Have you had it yet?

Zywiec is a beer manufacturing company that originates from Poland. Founded in 1856, it’s the most popular brand in Poland and is one of the brands within the Heineken Group. Poland also happens to be Europe’s third largest beer producer and consumer.

I had a hard time finding one here in Melbourne, but a harder time pronouncing it. It occurred to me on hindsight though, it’s easier to pronounce after you’ve swigged a few. Darn clever, the Poles (no pun intended, I love the works of Frédéric François Chopin).

I bought it out of curiosity for I haven’t seen it before and most of the local stores don’t sell these. The logo was what caught my attention and plus it looked exotic. The shopkeeper himself didn’t know where it was from until we both squinted hard to read ‘Product of Grupa Zywiec S.A., Zywiec, Poland’. ‘Oh, POLAND!’, and we both exchanged glances!

The claims are that it has been brewed since the beginning only in one place – the Archduke Brewery in Zywiec. And whatever description they had on the bottle made it all the more reason to try one.

Zywiec Crown

Did you read the description below the crown label? Very creative, I thought. It made me seal the deal, for somehow the makers thought it important to mention it.

The Euro Pale Lager |  5.60% ABV, which is what I had, turned out be quite average; but on further research I learnt that the Porter is more sought after. I’m not sure if that’s available locally, but I’ve planned to fish it out. Beers are something of a culture down under and a good reason why I should be able to find most of the world’s varieties here; although it could involve a bit of scouting around, not to mention lightheadedness thereafter!

The lager is available at the University Hotel – Bottle Shop, 272 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053.

Till I manage to find it’s more popular brethren.



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