Two Good Eggs

This cutaway rustic Sydney cafe sits on the corner of Goulburn Street and Brisbane Street. The cafe is housed within an old factory building and situated at a very quiet spot in Surry Hills. It stands alone in the neighbourhood and therefore unless someone tells you about it, you’ll never stumble across it.

We sat outside as the tables inside were all occupied and were quite close together.

It took us a while to make the order, and when we finally did, I ordered a toasted sandwich with double smoked ham, aged cheddar cheese and tomato while my wife had the Two Good Eggs breakfast. The portion sizes were slightly smaller than most Melbourne City cafes of this size and setting, but the food was tasty and fresh. But there was no standout feature in the food, or the ambience of the cafe that would make me come out of the way to visit again. The staff was however quite nice and the owner who stood at the counter personally asked if we were content with the breakfast.

One thing that particularly caught my attention was the Punjabi chai on the drinks menu. I can quite confidently say there is no chai classified as Punjabi. From the description on the menu, it seemed like a marketing gimmick to sell regular Indian masala tea.

punjabi chai

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