To eat or not

Lately, I’ve been noticing that the world is divided into largely 2 sets of people – the kind who live to eat & the kind who eat to live! I know it doesn’t come as a shocking surprise nor is it a hindsight to many, but the reason I’m starting to see the world in this black & white manner is attributed by the many people whom I come across who love to hog & then the random share on the internet by some guy who claims how unhealthily, unsustainably (or cruelly) the meat that we eat is being produced!

The internet is full of such videos – “did you know your hotdogs were made like this? Did you know the chicken was hypnotised into laying the egg? What goes into fishing?” duh ! I mean, it’s good not to support cruelty if that’s what is involved in dishing up a delicacy, but on most occasions, your average joe isn’t supporting vile practices of animal slaughter by being a non-vegetarian!

If you think why I’ve sort of blatantly assumed all those who eat to be in the “non-vegetarian” category, the reasoning is simple, vegetarians mostly have little choice; I know at least a dozen of my friends who would disagree; but desserts aren’t considered vegetarian :P!! I believe the Indian cuisine probably has more choices of vegetarian dishes, but hey, if you take the world cuisine average, the choices are  still limited relatively!

Anyhow, the point is, increasingly it seems like a battle fought on several different levels by foodies & the animal activists! I see more & more faint-hearted souls falling prey and turning to eating foliage! I think even with so much of food tourism, online cookery shows & the likes, we aren’t converting any non-foodies into foodies. Its just the foodies turning into insanefoodies 😛

But a word of caution to you guys – use your judgement before one of those internet videos brainwash you into a monk. There is nothing the new age technology isn’t capable of & the internet is probably its best apprentice !

Hog Away..


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