The peculiar case of Joe Black

A neat little cafe in Surry Hills, Sydney that has a wonderful laid back ambience, comfortable seating, wifi and decent coffee.
joe black

But here’s what happened at the cafe that morning..

We happened to meet the cafe owner for he was the one serving customers that morning. At first I took an interest in his peculiar mannerisms. He rushed back to the kitchen every time he took an order. There he transferred the orders curtly in Chinese to his staff. Then he quickly rushed back to make conversation with some patrons, whom he seemed to know. He stood there chatting till their order was ready in the kitchen! Then in another swoosh, he hurried off and came back with the order. Then for the next several minutes he stood there explaining some technicality of the food he it’s their own home recipe or something. I even overheard him say that he has a Masters Degree.

By now my amusement had died out! He just wouldn’t leave them alone. From where we were sitting, although I was least interested in their conversation, I had no choice but to hear it. All the while I was a bit distracted and hadn’t made our order! So when the waitress came to take our order, I blabbered something half thinking and asked her for more time. She didn’t seem very happy!

We made up our mind and ordered some banana bread, poached eggs, pancakes and coffees. The waitress gave me look as though we should have ordered more than just that! I have said this before and will say again, I want my peace in a cafe. Nosy waiters/waitresses, owners etc. are just huge spoilers. I know certain cafes where the waiters are walking around breathing down your neck waiting to fill up water in your glass before it’s over!!


So when the food came, we quietly ate, afraid to look up, fearing that the owner might come around and entertain us. The banana bread was good, coffee served was a latte after having ordered strong flat white and pancakes weren’t too good. It seems like a hit or miss cafe joint!

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