The All American Diner, Lavasa

This is one of those restaurants that makes Lavasa an attraction to visit ! Easy to find as soon as you reach Lavasa; this place is always bustling with patrons who love American food !

The Food is great and the menu offers a wide variety of popular American diner options. We loved the Big Breakfast and Buffalo Wings the most, though almost everything on the menu that we tried were just fantastic. Perhaps, not wanting to mislead the odd patron who doesn’t know that the Buffalo Wings are actually Chicken wings, they have gone the extra mile by adding Chicken to the name, making it sound a bit redundant to a foodie 🙂 But otherwise, a well prepared menu. The watermelon juice that we ordered though wasn’t very fresh and was quite disappointing. The waiters don’t seem to know much, not do they live up to the quality of the place, but one can always concentrate more on the food itself !

The Ambience is what will draw you to this restaurant in the first place. The decor is fantastic, even better than the Soda Rock Diner (another review on it’s way ;)) in Melbourne. It has everything from I Love Lucy posters, Harley Davidsons, Corvettes to Elvis and Superman on the walls, adding to the classic checkerboard tiles and red chairs typical of a diner! So that’s everything proudly American ! It’s just really wonderful.

Other makes/breaks Well service is a bit on the tardy side and waiters I must add are a bit lost. But well, if you already know what you want, that’s not very bothering; plus you can always get past the tardiness reading the funny wall posters and deciding what to order for dessert !!

A definitive must try !!


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