Stovetop Cafe

If you want to sit this one out, it’s not going to be a huge miss! We stopped by this cafe on Saturday for brunch and weren’t quite impressed, primarily given the miniscule portions.


I can’t say I’ve complained of tiny portions at too many places in Melbourne. Being a local cafe, seemingly frequented by Melbourne Uni students, the prices listed on the menu seemed to indicate a typical mid-range Melbourne cafe. But I thought the portion and pricing were at odds, given gourmet serves. Somehow it felt unjustified.

I had ordered the fancy sounding Crab beignets, served with spiced carrot hummus, salt ‘n’ vinegar cabbage, kale crisp & poached eggs, off the breakfast menu. The crab and hummus combination tasted fantastic.


However, their single origin coffee (5 Senses Santo Antonio estate beans from Brazil) in latte was a complete let down. Given its cocoa finish, it tasted much like watered down chocolate milk rather than coffee!

Feeling half empty and the wallet deeply emptied, I’d rate the

Food Taste 7/10; Portion size 6/10

Coffee 6/10 (Maybe I should have ordered a strong flat white)

Ambience 8/10 (special credits to Led Zeppelin tracks, comfortable chairs and lively buzz)

All said, I might reconsider this place given its ambience and perhaps give some of the other items on the menu a second chance to salvage the cafe’s high reputation!

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