So what in the world is Atta Murg??!!

I did not expect to create such a big buzz when I posted the quite “interesting” yet ambiguous snapshots of what’s called The Atta Murg. But to be honest, I was pleased to have garnered so much attention with the insane looking flour crust – a.k.a Atta, in Hindi !

Much like how the “Dum” dishes are prepared, the Murg a.k.a chicken is slow cooked inside a layer of flour dough instead of a sealed container. The chicken, as a whole, is well marinated overnight in yogurt & spices and then wrapped inside the flour dough and cooked in a tandoor a.k.a charcoal oven.

Now, at Tansen the restaurant where my wife and friends have been raring to take me to, for the Ultimate Nawabi dining experience –  I presume their chefs went the extra mile to improvise the dish, to make this not only a visual treat but also an extremely tasty one ! For a start, it was the visual impact. They somehow managed to “spike up” the dough to give it the resemblance of err..a puffer fish or a porcupine :). We then sat in awe as the waiter meticulously worked to cut the shell open, waiting what’s inside to take us by a bigger surprise, and voila, the second twist, it wasn’t just the regular marinated chicken that was inside. The Murgwas wrapped in plantain leaves, which added a uniquely lovely flavour. Given the pretty eventful show up until then, we also wondered whether the spiked Atta will be served? (as I’m sure, this thought must’ve crossed some of your minds’). And, it wasn’t ! 😀 However, the Murg, was definitely out of the world and we couldn’t ask for more !!

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