Hyderabad Shadaab Biriyani & Haleem

If you’re new to Hyderabad or even a casual tourist, you’ve probably heard of only the Biriyani at Paradise. But next time, take a shared auto-rickshaw and head to the overcrowded streets of Hyderabad near the Charminar. Here is where Shadaab is, a biriyani and haleem joint that’s tucked away far from where the modern city of Hyderabad is.

Popular and known only to insane foodies and a loyal bunch of local customers, Shadaab offers a very rustic ambience. There is none of the niceties, it’s where you would go just for the food experience. Peruse the menu and you shall find dishes that are unique to Shadaab and is quite extensive.

The food is a bit of a hit & miss, but they are best known for their biriyanis and haleem – a slow cooked meat stew introduced from the Arabic cuisine. whole experience is just insane.

Of the several Biriyani joints in Hyderabad, Paradise is most well known all over the world for their biriyani. They are good, however, as you can imagine, the minute a standalone biriyani joint becomes a world-wide chain, the quality becomes inconsistent across their outlets. Especially with Indian food, this is bound to happen, as the taste of the spices used will depend on where they are sourced from.

This is perhaps one of the most hard-to-find Biriyani joints in Hyderabad (Foursquare) . Located amidst the busy streets of Charminar, bustling with patrons waiting for a seat, to savour their famous biriyani !

P.S: Order their Dum Biriyani, don’t be fooled by their Special Shadaab Biriyani selection.

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