Scruffy Murphys

The Scruffy Murphys is a no frills Irish pub in heart of Sydney, that prides at serving $6 pints of the Guinness Extra Stout on tap! We have several Irish pubs in Melbourne CBD, but none which offers a deal anything close to Scruffy Murphy’s and for this reason alone I was impressed with this Sydney pub. Scruffy Murphys has a few different bars and the one we sat in was upstairs adjoining the bistro.

We spent an hour and half talking loudly, still barely audible, over the blaring pub music and voices of other patrons. The atmosphere was all the more lively given Australia Day and there were several large groups of friends cheering and waving Australian flags as they thumped down their beer mugs.

There is absolutely nothing fancy about the food here. It is however very cheap, especially when ordered as part of a drink combo.


The wedges with sour cream we ordered were quite palatable, although the Meat Lovers pizza was soggy and burnt at the edges! If you don’t get in before 7pm, it’s going to be hard to find seats!

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