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If you serve your customers consistently well, they will return..that’s a guarantee. This is the simple code of conduct they follow exceptionally well at Queensberry. Over the years this hotel has grown up from a classic old school pub to one which offers a variety of specials through smartphone apps and smart in-house advertising. But the good part is that the technology has only added value to its services. It also doesn’t seem overly pushy; just there to cater to the tech savvy new generation too!

The staff is very friendly and the ambience is still that of a laid back pub. Add to this a bang for buck weekday special menu makes it just irresistible! We love Parma, and that’s the special on Thursday evenings. Get in before 7 pm and the drinks are also on happy hour prices. I personally love the QB draught ($6.5 a pint HH rate), which is extremely refreshing and best had cold on its own without munchies!

Queensberry Draught

On our last visit we noticed a size upgrade to the Parma and whoa it’s just gotten ginormous. With few pints of QB down, I struggled to finish my $16 Parma loaded with chips and salad. It equalled the effort to take on a large buffet and boy, I wasn’t half prepared.


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I highly recommend paying this hotel a visit the next time you are craving for a hearty meal and cheap beers!


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