$8 Ginormous Cakes at Pepperonis Melbourne

My friends and I used to have a religious fascination to what we coined as “dessert nights” back in the good old Uni days.

We used to pick a day of the week and work up an appetite walking into the Melbourne CBD from Carlton, scouring places that served ginormous portions of dessert. And with most places closing their shutters by 8pm, it saw us going back every now and then to just one place eventually – Pepperonis Melbourne!

What sets them apart from most of the other places is the sheer value for money they offer.

Their dessert portions are insanely whopping and don’t be surprised if you can’t finish a serve in one sitting. And that is where their take away box comes in handy! Also as students, we never felt hassled. You know we are extremely scrappy to start with, so order only the minimum and then sit for hours chit-chatting gnawing at our big ass cake! I guess, that’s what us love Pepperonis and hardcore regulars. Dessert Nights officially became Pepperonis Nights!

So after a break (of about 3 years) in 2014, I was curious to check if they still kept up their reputation. Because you know things change over years and even the best joints tend to rest on their laurels and lose their charm eventually.

We bought the Mixed Berry Cheesecake and at first I couldn’t make up my mind whether to eat-in or take-out. But I stopped giving eating-in another thought when I saw the portion they cut out! Whoa, humungous!

Mate, the thing is so huge it’s just best to just take-out and relish it over couple of nights!! And all this for a darn cheap $8, can’t beat that.

Although we wasted no time in getting back, I had to hold myself back another 15 mins on reaching home – to take snaps of course; how can I not share my joy!!

All the cakes are quite tasty and over the years I have definitely tried most of them!

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