Oktoberfest hits Melbourne – Bavarian festivities at Munich Brauhaus

Serving the group’s own brew – Munich Lager and award-winning Oktoberfest grade German biers- that by the way, redefines smoothness; this is a beer lovers paradise. Pair these alongside some insane traditional Bavarian cuisine, a German band playing live music, it’s a gala event that won’t fail to entertain!

Insane Foods to try –

  • Knochenmark¬† ~ Roasted Bone Marrow
  • Schweinshaxe ~ Pork Knuckle¬†

We hit the venue on the very second night it opened here in Melbourne. Read all about our experience here on WeekendNotes.

Word of Caution – German Oktoberfest beers generally contain more alcohol than the regular beers; Even if you are a big fella, go easy !


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