Naked in the Sky

“insane view of the city from the rooftop”

Melburnians aren’t going to raise eyebrows on this one, for they know it’s Naked for Satan’s very own rooftop beer garden with a spectacular breathtaking view of the city (especially as the sun starts to set).

We fondly refer to this bar as our Office in the Sky and often find ourselves crashing here for team get togethers or to celebrate our little milestones.

Ambience As with all pubs, it livens up as the hours of the day draw to a close giving way to the night. But it stays moderately loud all throughout; never requiring you to speak up to make yourselves heard. We noticed the last time around that you see quite a diverse set of people here. There are ones who are perhaps having a business meeting & others who are definitely blowing off steam.

This place is never empty and I suggest reaching there no later than 5:30 pm (weekdays too) if you need a good spot!

Beers Naked for Satan (house brew) witbier or First Draught unpasteurised – this one is extremely smooth and has a wonderful mouth feel and aftertaste.

Food Fried calamari rings or roasted eggplant (food’s slightly on the pricier side)

Nonetheless this place is a winner. Sassy and upbeat, #instamood 😉

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