Kashmiri Kahwa


The Kashmiri Kahwa is usually served out of a Samovar – metal brewing pot – traditionally used by cultures that flourished in & around present day Iran, Turkey, Russia & China.
The Kashmiri Kahwa is a concoction of green tea leaves & spices such as cardamom, cinnamon & saffron. It is usually served with a hint of honey either on the side or mixed in. Before serving, the Kahwa is topped with a spoonful of almond & walnut powder. The Kahwa owes its origin to the multi-cultural influences during the Kushan Era. It is also therapeutic and one can find variations of the same in several other regions inhabited by Persian & Islamic cultures. “Irani Chai” is one such variation. In the Northern Malabar regions of Kerala, a version of the Kahwa called the Sulaimani – (a black tea preparation with/without spices) is often used to ease the digestion after a heavy (festive) meal !


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