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Who doesn’t love the idea of spinning a knife in the air (without casualties)! While some follow lengthy recipes to the last line, I just find freestyle cooking not following too many instructions too closely more rewarding!

It’s not so much I can’t follow instructions, it’s just that I cook better when I taste and trust my tastebuds more than a rigid recipe.

And perhaps you are that way too?

presenting insane recipes – most which have been tweaked from the regular ones out there, aimed at making you enjoy cooking and have fun, all the while getting that marvelous taste right, every single time!

Therefore I strongly recommend you use my recipes as a guide; then taste and vary the quantity of spices & condiments as you cook. This way you’ll be a better cook – it even feels like magic after a while when you get a recipe bang on every time even if you might struggle to pass on the exact recipe! Ha..

But again, for the benefit of all, I’ve categorized the recipes into two,


Simple cooking hacks and perhaps for the not so adventurous chefs among you, check out these extremely simple yet devilishly delicious recipes!


A tad more craftier alchemy for a beginner?! But they are easy too and then occasionally I might throw in an oddball (the weirdly exotic ones)! Whatever it is, they will no doubt make your day, and you will learn a thing or two!

Please do leave a word and your own improvisations!

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