‘Hash’brown those eggs

This is a favourite from my early days in Melbourne when I was discovering cooking.

So, back in the days, my friend and I conjured this up after a long day at Uni. Both of us too tired and hungry at the same time, opened our fridge to check what we had with which we could make something to abate our hunger quickly,

We found Eggs & Hashbrowns

And, the recipe was born…eggs scrambled into crisp grilled hashbrowns and seasoned to perfection.

Easy, lip-smacking, full filling!!

Hashbrowned Eggs

  • Grill the  hashbrowns (2 nos.) / french fries {tastes best with hashbrowns}
  • Shift them to a pan
  • Mash them up with a wooden spoon
  • Beat in 2 eggs
  • Just don’t scramble them yet. Wait for half a minute for the egg to set and get half fried
  • Now scramble them
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste; and voila!!

Bon Appetite

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