Egg & Spinach Salad with a twist

This was probably my first attempt at making a salad,┬ábecause I have┬ánever been a fan of making one although I’ve often wondered how some of the salads in cafes taste so yum!

All the while, I’ve been under the ‘wrong’ impression that it takes salad dressings, exotic ingredients & that mammoth of a final toss in the air, to make a damn good salad.

Well, glad to announce that I made a brave attempt, albeit cautiously and have emerged with a fine salad that is easy to make, healthy and most importantly YUM. Yeah, often when easy to make and healthy goes together, taste doesn’t follow so naturally, I totally hear you! But try this recipe and you’ll see otherwise.

Here’s what you’ll need

3 eggs – semi-boiled the better; refrigerate till cold

100g green spinach – shredded & steamed; wait to cool

1 tsp – Japanese soy sauce

1 bread – yes, this certainly is the twist; grilled/toasted crisp

Salt & Black pepper – as per taste

Parmesan cheese – just a small sprinkling


Cut up the eggs into a bowl. Add in the spinach, soy sauce, salt & pepper and combine it with a spoon, we are not going to TOSS, ha!

Now break the crispy bread lengthwise – you may use a knife; you could even just crumble it into coarse bits and add them into the rest of the stuff in the bowl – Now it’s a salad!

Sprinkle parmesan cheese over the salad and mix it vigorously

And voila, the egg & spinach salad with a twist is good to be relished!


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