If you share my passion for traveling to seek out the best food and drinks and/or cooking freestyle giving classic recipes a twist, I would love to hear from you!

Your guest blog entry could be in one of the following categories,

  • image (for instagram/pinterest)
  • generic food post – like this one
  • restaurant review
  • food & drinks review
  • recipe

Conditions – JUST one. Your entry must have SOMETHING that will make the reader go “Wow, that’s Insane”; it could be the dirt cheap price bargain, the humongous portion size, a quirky recipe or a foodie travelogue. Brilliant!

Get creative. But please ENSURE originality. As they say, if you’ve at least changed the measures of ingredients used, it’s different enough to call it your own 😉 but hey, make sure those pics are your own – high resolution, good quality snaps preferred!

Please send your entries to & include the following,

  1. Name (for credits) & a short Bio (optional, but it could lead to other opportunities)
  2. Social media tags
  3. Links (if applicable)
Go bananas!
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