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Café PeterDonuts – Aundh, Pune

Nestled away on the 1st floor of the HPCL outlet in Aundh, with the name written in bold on the glass panes of the café, the stairway invites you into an abode of smooth tasting coffee and donuts!

The Ambience A treat to the eyes as you walk in and set them on the assortments of cup cakes, donuts, tarts and cake; this café sets itself apart from the scores of others – Café Coffee Day and the likes. With world music playing and the TV channel set to FTV, I somehow thought it was rather unconventional for a café or any eat out in India for that matter, to don such an ambience. But it certainly was a good one! This cafe has a fantastic focus on customer satisfaction. There is Free WiFi, comfortable couches and lots of natural light pouring in.

The Food & Drinks We ordered the Multigrain Nut Tart, White Chocolate topped Donut, Café Latte and a Turkish Cappuccino! What stood out were the donut and the cappuccino, though the tart and the latte were also commendable. The coffee is of Blue Mountain blend, which aficionados will know, is a premium coffee blend sourced from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. However, being one of more milder blends, expect no bitterness. The donut was exceptionally well made and delicious. It was served warm and had a crispy ending; those MOD lovers, take note, this one’s to die for! And yes, they also serve sandwiches, waffles and bagels!

Other makes/breaks The staff was polite and knowledgeable enough to recommend that lip smacking donut when asked for a suggestion – Bravo! The portions are fairly large and prices are more or less appropriate for a café of such standing!

It is now safe to say I’ve finally found a terrific place for donuts & a cup of Joe in Pune!

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