Goan delicacies at Cafe Basilios

We lunched at Cafe Basilios one of the days we toured Goa back in Feb 2012. As a tourist, the first thing you gotta do is stop acting like one! Sure, you may not speak the local lingo or even understand it. But ask the locals and at least you’ll know where the best local eateries are!

Cafe Basilios is completely off the beaten path. Heck, after 3 years of being there, the cafe doesn’t even have enough reviews to show up on social media! You’ve gotta literally stumble upon it as we did, riding 30 km to Panjim from Ponda on a hot sweaty Goan afternoon.

Hidden away in the myriad streets of Panjim, known only to locals, this restaurant is better known for it’s mouth watering Goan fish curry meals among other Goan delicacies!

After what seemed like a zillion wrong turns and asking around we made it to Cafe Basilios. The restaurant itself is on the 1st floor of an apartment building.


Weary and excited at the same time, we knew exactly what were after – their Goan Thali! We each got a Kingfisher beer to quench our thirst while we waited for our thalis. Being their bestseller, it came almost immediately after we ordered, steaming hot and smelling delicious!


The Food & Drink The  standard Goan Thali  comes with 2 fried fish fillets, fish curry gravy (coconut base), rice, squid masala, veggies and hokum for a meagre Rs.100. The quality and quantity is absolutely fantastic for the price.

The Ambience The restaurant has a pretty bland ambience with no theme in particular. It’s all about the food.

Other makes/breaks This place is hard to find for the casual traveler to Goa as it’s not located in a prime tourist spot. Is it worth the effort you ask? YES, absolutely! We loved the adventure of seeking this one out and I look forward to checking-in again next time I’m in Goa!

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