Butter Coffee anyone?!

So how does one feel about taking coffee with a dollop of butter or ghee?

Well, it’s just an insanely rich cafe latte if you think about it, you know? Apparently this is something that is slowly yet steadily being experimented in parts of the world, and now in Australia. News has it that some of the famous baristas of Melbourne are also secretly perfecting the recipe before they can let their patrons taste it.

You’ve all probably heard of yak butter tea that’s served in Tibet, and perhaps about the paleolithic diet as well? Although Tibetan Yak butter tea has almost nothing to do with the paleo diet, it is a neat invention with chances of a runaway hit in a country which loves coffee where it is being promoted as a paleo alternative to regular coffee.

Palaeolithic diet, which emphasises on a high protein intake, has long been marketed as the solution to obesity and henceforth being championed more than ever in the developed nations of the world. Marketing butter coffee as a paleo alternative to regular coffee is on the assumption that the butter being added to coffee is low on saturated fats, unlike traditional yak butter which has traditionally been added into beverages in Tibet only to fight the cold! Although it’s yet to be seen the variety of butter/ghee which will find it’s way into these ‘butter coffee’ recipes, several nutritionists have already expressed their concern over the consumption of this highly fattened coffee.

But as the saying goes, anything in moderation is okay! Or is it?


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