Burger, Pune

Burger King, Pune Camp

This is Pune’s own local Burger King which really means business. For all its worth, it will give any original Burger King a run for its money.

Their speciality includes several burgers and roles that are of humongous proportions, and which given their size, cost absolutely nothing!!

The monstrosity of the burger sizes here are hard to explain. 

The burgers can get you through the day, although it might not be the healthiest choice given the amount of mayo and the greasy patties that goes into it. It’s an overkill, the place to come to break your diet, if you’re on one!

As far as the ambience goes, its quaint little place, which is easy to miss, for it looks pretty run down from outside. You’ve got to first head upstairs to place the order via a narrow set of stairs, which by the way are so narrow that only one person can go in either direction at any given time! Then you have to make your way down and wait until your order is tendered by a waiter. The system is a bit strange.

This place is always packed with college students and getting a seat involves a bit of waiting around. But you certainly won’t go home hungry or disappointed.

Insanity MeterHigh – Bang for the buck (80 Indian rupees for a Jumbo Chicken Burger & 70 for a King Beef Burger)

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