Authentic wood fired pizza joint in Pune

Brix Pizza – Aundh, Pune

I sometimes have this habit of exploring Google maps. Yes, for the heck of it! And the other day I was just casually browsing the Aundh area and a certain fork & spoon symbol appearing next to Brix Pizza caught my attention. On hovering the mouse cursor over it, I realized this place had decent reviews. A search of the same on Zomato later that same evening made me curious enough to give it a try.

The Ambience The ground floor as you walk in to the Pizzeria, has a small dining area with just one table and next to it is the cashier’s counter. A flight of stairs by the side takes you to a slightly bigger dining area with 3 tables. A big glass window separates the dining area on the ground floor from the wood fired oven where the Pizzeria’s specialty – Wood fired Pizzas are made. So it’s really more of a take away place than a dine-in. Therefore there is hardly any décor on the walls and no one other than the cashier himself to serve your order!

The Food Wanted to try the Pepperoni when I saw it on the menu, but had to settle for the Meat-lovers. The pizza thankfully lived up to its wood fired reputation. The pizza was a thin crust type and one could really differentiate the gourmet quality from the mass produced pizzas at Domino’s and Pizza Hut (no offence though!)

A snapshot between all the ravishing!!

Other makes/breaks Location – one word – Terrible! Just happened to stumble upon this place like the few others who did previously, but otherwise largely an unknown joint. The staff is extremely courteous. He even asked me if I want the pizza changed as the edges of 2 of the slices were burnt a little – for the non-indians, it hardly ever happens in this part of the world!!

Gives me hope that my Thursday pizza nights may be back for good 😉

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