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What’s in a name? Pun; for an otherwise authentic Indian restaurant in the heart of Adelaide City! I would certainly imagine that if the restaurant is named British India it should serve a menu of the yesteryears – you know, Indian pre-independence era; whatever that might be – a fusion menu? I would have liked at least some IPAs on the beer menu with a little trivia behind how the term IPA came into being – there actually is a good story!  But this is my opinion – I haven’t done any research on why the restaurateurs were fixated on the name, but given that most patrons were locals, we did feel outnumbered, you know like in the old days, ha ;)!4.5/10

Ambience There however was a giant portrait of Queen Elizabeth; wall frames of former governors and the likes from the colonial period. Moderately classy ambience (mood lighting et al.) table for 4 is a bit crowded, otherwise no complaints. 7.5/10

Food The food here is way more authentic than most Indian restaurants you might go to in Australian cities. What that means is, it is spicy and flavour packed even to the veteran Indian palate. I would go so far to say it’s one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to in Australia. The menu features mostly dishes from Central & Northern India, although there are a few from the South as well – although I wouldn’t trust them as much. Impressive nonetheless. 8/10

british india

Price A hearty meal for 4 (minus drinks) cost us ~$55 – now that’s a bargain! 8/10

Service was good too and requests for warm and hot water on separate occasions were catered for without any reservations. If I’m craving for some Indian food next time I’m in Adelaide, I’d definitely check this place out again!

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