Brewing coffee with a Moka Pot!

Known as one of the oldest and most traditional forms of brewing coffee, the Moka Pot is a simple apparatus to use.

When the newest most modern (fancy automatic) espresso machines can cost a fortune, the prices start as low as A$15 for a small Moka pot that makes 2 cups of strong espresso. For about A$60 – A$100 one can get larger Moka pots that make 9 to 12cups of espresso!

The standard Moka Pot is made of Aluminum and the most commonly seen size in the market is the 4 cup coffee maker. There are also more sturdy and expensive all stainless steel versions. Although I personally love the simple Aluminum ones.

Did you know that coffee machines, broadly fall into these categories – the Espresso machine, Drip Filter, French Press & the Moka Pot?

I have previously owned and used home espresso machines & the drip filters (regular, cheap retail ones). But a Moka Pot, never before!

Brewing coffee with a Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is rightly considered by coffee aficionados as one of the finest apparatuses and inventions for brewing espresso coffee.

A simple yet effective design patented in the early 1900s by Luigi De Ponti and the rights to which was bought by Alfonso Bialetti. The Bialetti brand of Moka Pots are the most famous in the world and they still sell their classic 1930s design as the Bialetti Moka Express!

moka pot animation

Brewing Coffee in a Moka Pot

Basically to use a Moka Pot, first you fill cold water in the bottom chamber just below the pressure valve; add medium fine ground coffee to the filter and tighten the top collecting chamber before putting it on the gas burner. Ideally the brew should collect in a few minutes!

As it was my first attempt at using a Moka Pot, I wasn’t sure how the whole experiment would turn out. But at the end of it when the brew finally collected in the collecting chamber, I was thrilled by the simplicity of this stove-top espresso maker.

There wasn’t much room for error I suppose.

The coffee brew was much stronger (higher caffeine content) than what you’d get using a drip filter coffee machine; its also portable and even darn cheap to own one! The portability and simplicity of this coffee maker is what revolutionized the way people in Italy started drinking coffee at home back in the day and I now know why!

While perhaps it is not the fastest equipment to make a cuppa in the morning (if you are in a rush), it certainly is one helluva marvel that gives you the satisfaction of being your home’s own Barista!


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