Anjappar Sydney

We had heard a lot about Anjappar from friends and family. The fact that Anjappar has outlets all over the world and that Sydney just got on that list was all the more reason for us to train down to Parramatta. It’s a short walk after you alight at Parramatta train station. Well, I must admit it was totally worth the effort.

Anjappar Sydney

Chettinad cuisine hails from Tamil Nadu in South India and is known to be extremely flavourful. It is also quite spicy. But unlike Punjabi cuisine, it isn’t very widespread and one can probably not get authentic Chettinad cuisine outside of Tamil Nadu. For that reason Anjappar’s glorification of this tasty cuisine is well received by their patrons all over the world.

We had the Mutton Biriyani and Chettinad non-veg thali (platter). It wasn’t overly spicy, but perhaps we are seasoned chilli eaters 😉 It was definitely delicious and moderately priced. The patrons were also all South Indians. The staff and the manager was very polite. I even asked him if they are opening an outlet in Melbourne and to that he said they are working it out. That’s good news!

So when in Sydney, take the train down to Parramatta for Anjappar’s delicious Chettinad cuisine and your taste buds will be tantalised!

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