Yummy Andhra Pesarattu

Hyderabad, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh (India), is known for some delicious treats. I have tried many of their most common dishes which are popular enough to make it across the state borders. But thanks to my insane foodie friends, I got to try some of the more authentic and hard to find foods this state has to offer!

The Andhra Pesarattu is a local version of the popular Indian dosa, which is loaded with lentils, veggies and local spices.

The traditional one, a staple item on the breakfast or evening snack menu is extremely nutritious. This one however, is a bit of an overkill! No points for guessing it might be the spice level, for Andhra food is generally known to be extremely spicy.

At the street-side joint near Dr. Reddys office (Courtesy – Sourish Rath) in Hyderabad, the chef dishes out pesarattus and other delights at a manic pace with ninja-like flipping skills. What makes this pesarattu rate high on my insane meter, is the generous amount of cow’s butter that goes into it during preparation. 


This rustic and questionably hygienic stall regularly caters to the needs of students, and office goers who are hurrying to get to their work.

The Andhra Pesarattu is served with hot red chilli and coconut chutneys. You can also customise what goes into the pesarattu to make it more healthy or otherwise!

All in all, this is a food experience that cannot be missed in this part of world! Can your tummy handle it? Mine did!

Oh, and for the complete experience, make sure you eat with hand only!


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