the-in-sane-foo-die [the-in-seyn foo-dee]

“a total foodie, safe to say almost a borderline insane when it comes to seeking out food & drinks that he/she believes are a must try!”

Or to elaborate, if you have, like me,

  1. Woken up to an alarm many a times at ungodly hours of daybreak, only to walk (half asleep!) few miles in the scorching Melbourne summer, to grab brekkie and coffee from some of the best cafes in the city, before they close their shutters!
  2. Pulled along fellow late risers, who grumble all the way only to thank you later!
  3. A palette for anything edible and aren’t fussy about what you eat.
  4. Never let food (on your plate) go to waste – this is a heinous crime among foodies!
  5. Indulged for hours relishing a meal to fully savour it 😉
  6. Chosen taste over ambience on most occasions – the yum Andhra Pesarattu from a street hawker

..then it’s safe to say you fall into the elite class of insane foodies and I would love to hear from you!

preparing the Kerala fish curry in an earthen vessel on a traditional stove-top!

I hope you enjoy reading what you see on the website and look forward to seeing you around!



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